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Chippenham Conservatories

If you are planning to add a conservatory to extend your living space, don’t make the mistake of many homeowners in the UK and seek out a cheap installation. M D King offer quality products at reasonable prices. All our projects are carried out and supervised by the business owner Martin King.

Like everything you add to your home, a conservatory should complement and improve the appearance of the exterior and interior, while being utilitarian and comfortable.

There are numerous advantages to building an attractive conservatory onto your house: they add value to the property, can save energy, bring the “outside in”, lighten and brighten your living environment, and can be used for all sorts of purposes from a garden room, dining room or playroom to a work-from-home office.

When it comes to conservatories, bespoke design is the key. Having built conservatories in the Bath area and across Wiltshire for many years, M D King have become masters of their craft.

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Specialists in

Specialists in conservatories, M D King work closely with their clients, meticulously planning each step of the project. A myriad of factors come in to play right from the design stage. The style, shape, envisaged use, materials – all must be determined and agreed before construction of your new conservatory begins.

Once work is underway clients can be assured that whether their conservatory is a small, sleek modern lean-to, an elegant classic Edwardian-style or a large enclosure for a swimming pool, the same care and attention will be lavished on the construction.

M D King are certified Ultraframe installers. This means they use components sourced from the international leaders in conservatory design and manufacture. Only high quality materials – versatile hardwood, engineered softwood, aluminium or the ever-popular uPVC – are used in building the frame for M D King bespoke conservatories.

Clients can choose from a large range of options for glazing, windows and doors. Most opt for specialist Pilkington Activ self-cleaning glass, on the sides and roof, which uses a dual-action process: organic dirt is broken down by daylight and then washed away when it rains. This environmentally friendly solution makes your conservatory easy to keep clean and maintain.

The company have exceptionally high standards of customer service, are punctual, tidy and efficient on site. The team offers free consultations and best price quotes for conservatories in Bath and throughout Wiltshire, including Calne, Swindon, Chippenham, Malmesbury and Corsham.

We can help you with your project to build a new conservatory, no matter what size, or renovate or refresh your existing one. We will provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

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Replacement Conservatory Roofs Chippenham

Are you maximising the use of your conservatory? Perhaps it feels like an ice house in winter no matter how much heat you pump into it, while in summer it’s like sitting in a sauna!

If your conservatory has been around for a few years the original polycarbonate roof or old glass roof has probably become dingy and dull, perhaps it even leaks in places?

There’s no need to tear it all down and start again! What you need is a replacement roof on your old conservatory, to give it a new lease on life, a grand sense of style and massively improved thermal properties.

Replacing roofs on conservatories is one of the things M D Conservatories LTD of Chippenham, Wiltshire, does best. Owner Martin King insists on using only the best available products, and when it comes to replacement roofs, he recommends solid roofs as the way to go.

Martin offers a choice of two equally outstanding solid roof replacement options for his clients, both of which are supplied by Ultraframe, the acknowledged world leaders in the design and manufacture of conservatory roofing systems.

Both solid roof replacement options are suitable for either a new build conservatory, or can be fitted to replace your existing conservatory roof. We can provide you a free no obligation quote and work in Chippenham, Calne, Melksham, Trowbridge, Bath and across Wiltshire and Somerset.

Unsure where to start?

M D King
Recommends LivinRoof

The first option is branded LivinRoof – a prefabricated solid roof finished in urban grey aluminium on the outside, which can be formed into any shape or roof style. Best of all, if you want natural light to penetrate your conservatory extension the LivinRoof can incorporate one or more glazed panels, which can be inserted to replace any of the aluminium roofing panels. This solid roof option also offers design features like a vaulted ceiling (or you can do away with this if you prefer by having a suspended ceiling added), an internal perimeter pelmet and central ridge for the addition of lighting.

Best of all the LivinRoof as installed by M D King is guaranteed 15 times more thermally efficient than an old polycarbonate roof or a glass roof without solar control. That means lower heating costs and a room that is comfortable to use all year round.

Martin also offers installation of the UltraRoof380 conservatory roof system, which has an attractive tiled effect, available in three colours. Sharing the same insulation properties and design features as the LivinRoof , this lightweight but strong replacement roof can similarly be tailored to your light requirements with the incorporation of glazed panels.

Both these conservatory roof replacement options come pre-manufactured, bespoke to fit your conservatory, so Martin and his team are able to complete the replacement process in good time, with the minimum of disruption.

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Orangeries & Laterns

Traditionally an Orangery was a type of luxurious, ornate greenhouse favoured by wealthy estate owners as a room for growing their citrus trees and exotic plants which was, at that time, the height of decadence.

In modern times an orangery is more of an attractive home extension, similar to a conservatory. The difference is that an orangery tends to have more brick to the structure – including corner brick pillars.

There is a choice of roof type: lantern, full glass, partial glass or solid (either PVCu or tiled).

Depending on which roof you choose, an internal ceiling pelmet is a great way to incorporate downlights to create a pleasant atmosphere in your new room.

Open-Plan Living

Most of our clients favour adding on an orangery as an affordable way to accommodate a new kitchen/diner, with spacious open plan living that appeals to modern families.

With the addition of bi-folding doors to the garden you can bring the outside in and flood your home with natural light.

Most Orangeries are allowed within the limits of permitted development so planning permission isn’t necessarily required.

Orangeries in Wiltshire

At MD King we have many years’ experience of building orangeries in Wiltshire as well as in and around the city of Bath.

We offer site surveys of your property so we can advise you about whether an orangery would be a good solution for extending your home.

After consulting with you we’ll be able to give you an estimate for your orangery project and if you go ahead with the build, you can depend on us to handle every aspect of the job professionally.

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